Saturday, 7 May 2016


All I was seeking
Was a skimpy dress
To cover up the bits
Unlikely to impress
But which allowed the legs
And the arms to go free
To be what arms and legs
Are supposed to be

On the move
Not hampered
By fear or cant
Or appearing
A disgrace
Like a body
Or a face

On the move
Less likely
To be held down
Lively even wild
And flailing around

Same with the song
I didn't want to cramp the limbs
But the bits in the middle
Were in need of some bling

Were in need of something other
To disguise the scrawny bits
That can make an ok song
Less pleasing to pitch

The same with the song
I wasn't looking for a robe
More of a covering
To keep it on the road

To where it might get sung
Even lighten the load
Of some who have no option
But to sing alone

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