Monday 9 May 2016


The place I have arrived at
Wasn’t really of my choosing
I can’t be sure where it is
The signs are quite confusing

There are mountains up ahead
With desert left and right
But with no sight of a place
To take refuge for a while

The car I was in
Was being driven by a stranger
Too engrossed in the ride
I didn’t recognise the danger

He professed to be kind
But kind was also blind
To the beauty we might find
If we’d gone a few more miles

There’s not much you can do
In such a situation
There’s much to be learned
If you survive Humiliation
Has a tendency to stop you
From reaching out again
But not reaching out’s
No remedy
For this sort of pain

Dumped and dumped
By the side of the road
The car sped off
Chucking dust up my nose
Eyes can’t see
Heart can’t breathe
Should have kept my hands
On the goddam wheel

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