Wednesday 11 May 2016


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In the meantime to save those who wear spectacles from setting out on their regular hunt to find where they last had them - I have made the text very large

Count your lucky
Be as plucky
As your brain will
Let you be

Keep on trucking
Don't keep ducking
What you know
You'll always be

You'll always be
What you became
About the time
You got your name

About the time
You realised
What wasn't you
Would mesmerise

And so it has
From then till now
Not made much sense
But anyhow

You've got this far
It could be worse
You've still got money
In your purse
So don't complain
Enjoy the rain
Stay on your feet
Accept some pain

But try to keep it
To yourself
What you can't keep
Put on the shelf

And leave it there
Until you can
Go sing a song
Or hire a van

Accept that you will
Never be
More than you were
About age three

Praise the roof above your head
Praise the floor beneath your feet
Praise the food upon your plate
Beware a tendency to hate

Or think you're more
Than you can be
Or that you were
About age three

These words have now been recorded as a spoken word track and the plan is to add others using Bandcamp to make a complete album

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